Clara Oswald Cosplay Time of the Doctor

TotD: Topshop A-Line Faux Leather Skirt

clara oswald oasis faux leather collar jumper and topshop faux leather skirt from time of the doctor

Item: Topshop A-Line Faux Leather Skirt (alt)

Appearance: Time of the Doctor

Combined with: Oasis Faux Leather Collar Jumper in yellow, Dune Bertie Astor Black Lace-Up Wingtip Block Heels

Original Retail Price: Unknown

Materials: Polyurethane and viscose

The Topshop A-Line Faux Leather skirt is extremely hard to find and I discussed the item with another Clara cosplayer a while ago and she said she didn’t know anyone who actually owned the SA skirt. So, seeing that my chances of getting the real deal were quite slim, I started looking for a good alt and found it. The skirt pictured in my photos is also from Topshop and will most definitely serve you well as an alt.

Prices and Fit

Like many other items, I found this on Vinted. In fact, I found several of these all ranging between £12 and £35. Naturally, I waited for a cheap one to come along. I’m sure that this kind of skirt can also be found on eBay and Depop if you keep looking.

The sizing is similar to Clara’s Caretaker skirt (Topshop Tapestry Skirt), though I would say it’s a little bit wider. While I own the Caretaker skirt in a UK10, the UK8 was right for me for the leather skirt, but it’s tight, especially while putting it on. That’s why I would suggest to size up if you’re in doubt. This skirt is made of a mix of polyurethane and viscose. The lining is polyester and cotton.

Now, what’s the difference between this skirt and the one Clara actually wears? Basically, it’s just the placement of the zip. The SA has the zip in the back whereas this alt has a a zip on the side.

The pockets of the skirt are functioning and overall, it’s a really cute item to complete your Clara collection. If you’re lucky to own the rare, yellow Oasis jumper, you will definitely need a nice leather skirt to go with the outfit – and this one is the perfect alt for the rare SA one.

clara oswald topshop a-line faux leather skirt

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