Clara Oswald Cosplay Time of the Doctor

TotD: Oasis Faux Leather Collar Jumper

clara oswald oasis faux leather collar jumper and topshop faux leather skirt from time of the doctor

Item: Oasis Faux Leather Collar Jumper in yellow

Appearance: Time of the Doctor

Combined with: Topshop A-Line Faux Leather Skirt, Dune Bertie Astor Black Lace-Up Wingtip Block Heels

Original Retail Price: ca. £53 (€60)

Materials: 100% cotton

Note that this Oasis jumper differs from the one used in Robots of Sherwood and Dark Water in texture so I will be reviewing that separately.

The Jumper Colours and Textures

This jumper was produced in at least three different colours that I know of and have seen: yellow, light grey and white. Clara is wearing the yellow version as her “naked outfit” in Time of the Doctor. Since the yellow jumper with the faux leather collar is extremely rare and quite hard to come by, it makes sense to keep an eye out for the colour alts. I personally have only ever seen the original yellow version once.

My jumper was originally light grey and it came with a leopard print style collar, but as far as I know, the white and yellow versions come with a faux leather one. If you own the blue alt for the RoS jumper, you could also switch the collar with that one. I dyed my light grey jumper using Simplicol Maisgeld (corn yellow) and I’m extremely happy with the result I got. My yellow is a little warmer than the bright one of the SA jumper, but since bright colours really don’t suit my complexion, I’m not too mad about it. I believe you can get a more accurate colour by bleaching the light grey one before applying a brighter yellow fabric dye. They can be found on eBay. The jumper is made from 100% cotton and can, therefore, be dyed easily with the appropriate dye.

clara oswald oasis faux leather collar jumper in yellow from time of the doctor

Sizing and Price Range

Another reason I’m reviewing this jumper in a separate post is that it fits a little differently from the RoS and Dark Water jumper. The jumper I have is a size M and it’s really more of an L. Seeing that my regular jumper size is XS-S, it’s quite large on me and I’ve been looking for something smaller, but I haven’t been successful yet. So if you can, buy this item in your regular size or size down, but I wouldn’t recommend going a size up. The funny thing is that one of my RoS jumpers is also a size M and it fits just like the size S.

I can’t really say much about the price range because I really only remember seeing one SA jumper around once. The colour alts, however, are a bit more common but still more on the rare side. But on the bright side: you can often get them for £7 – £20. Just keep an eye on eBay, Depop and Vinted and one will surely pop up.

If you need help dying your cosplay items, visit the Cosplay Help category on this blog where you will find out how to take care of your precious cosplay clothes.

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