The Snowmen: Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Aztec Paisley Print Playsuit (Alternative Outfit)

Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Playsuit (Aztec Paisley Print) clara oswald the snowmen

Item: Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Aztec Paisley Print Playsuit

Appearance: non, unused outfit for The Snowmen

Combined with: un-IDed black t-shirt, un-IDed brown belt, Urban Outfitters Deena & Ozzy Red Satchel, F-Troupe Vintage Watch Bracelet, Topshop Gold Multi-Chain Cross Bracelet, Whistles Rana Double Chord Friendship Bracelet

Original Retail Price: unknown

Materials: 100% viscose

The Playful Playsuit

If I had to choose between the Aztec Print playsuit and Clara’s other playsuit from S7, this would be the winner for me. I really love the colour and pattern and I’m quite sad they didn’t use this in the final cut of the last scene in The Snowmen. Instead, they went with the Jigsaw Bib & Tab Blouse and the Whistles Mim Tencel Shorts in navy which looks a bit more… subtle, I guess, but I really would have preferred this playsuit. It has a really interesting pattern which gives it a unique look and I think it would have been a nice outfit for modern-day Clara to start with.

How Much Should You Pay?

This item pops up occasionally and is usually around £1 – £20, depending on whether the seller is aware that it’s a cosplay item. I would recommend not spending too much on it because even though it’s a gorgeous playsuit, it’s a second-hand item that never actually got any screen time. This playsuit broke a personal record for me as the cheapest Clara item I own because I got it on eBay for £0.99 (yes, I paid £10 for shipping, but still…). If you’re looking to buy it, I’m sure that you can get lucky on either eBay or Depop eventually.

Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Aztec Paisley Print Playsuit clara oswald the snowmen

The Playsuit Fit

I really love wearing Clara’s playsuits around my home in the summer because they’re so light and easy to put on, but an issue I have with them is that they’re quite short and require tights when you want to wear them out on the street. I’m not a tall person (1,63m), but they’re short even on me, so taller Clara cosplayers might struggle with the length.

Another advantage this playsuit has over the one featured in The Crimson Horror is that it has pockets. Sorry, but you’ll have to get used to that. I get extremely excited every time a clothing item that isn’t a pair of trousers has pockets. It’s made from 100% viscose and machine washable. The label says it shouldn’t go in the dryer, but I’ve successfully tumbled-dried mine multiple times and it survived without a scratch, so as far as I know, it can definitely be tumble-dried.

Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Aztec Paisley Print Playsuit clara oswald the snowmen

Other than being a really lovely summer item, this playsuit runs true to size to maybe a teensy bit big. I’m a size S in tops and usually a size M in trousers and the size S playsuit fits me very nicely, so I think it’s best to go for the size you usually wear in tops. It’s still comfortable and loose, however, it has no stretch at all. Perfect for summer and cosplay. I use a black basic t-shirt from Zara and Clara’s jagged belt on my dress form.

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