clara oswald the snowmen Jigsaw Bib & Tap Blouse

The Snowmen: Jigsaw Bib & Tap Blouse

clara oswald the snowmen Jigsaw Bib & Tap Blouse

Item: Jigsaw Bib & Tap Blouse

Appearance: The Snowmen

Combined with: Whistles Mim Tencel Shorts in navy, Urban Outfitters Deena & Ozzy Red Satchel, F-Troupe Vintage Watch Bracelet, Topshop Gold Multi-Chain Cross Bracelet, Whistles Rana Double Chord Friendship Bracelet

Original Retail Price: Probably between £90 – £140

Material: 100% Silk

Finally, I get to write a new review! As nice as it is to own so many Clara clothes, it’s also a little frustrating to not be able to find anything new for such a long time. The Jigsaw Bib & Tap Blouse has been on my wishlist for a long time because a) Clara wore it and b) it’s a cute blouse for the office that will look absolutely awesome with my mustard-coloured trousers!

Where Can You Find Clara’s Snowmen Blouse?

I would say that Clara Oswald’s Jigsaw Bib & Tap Blouse is more on the rare side even though it does pop up every now and then, sold on eBay or by fellow cosplayers. I remember bidding on it once before on eBay, but sadly, one of those pesky resellers snatched it away from me and then sold it for twice as much. It is not an impossible item to find, however. It can take a little time, but every once in a while, it will pop up and it will most likely be affordable. I ended up buying it from a fellow cosplayer on Depop, so if you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll come across one eventually. I’d suggest haunting the usual websites if you’re looking to buy it.


As for the price, I can’t really say how much the blouse was originally, but Jigsaw silk blouses come at an original retail price of £90 – £140 on their website, so it was likely somewhere in that range. I bought mine for just £15 from another cosplayer and I’ve seen them sell on eBay for around £20. Given the age and the delicate fabric, I wouldn’t recommend spending more than £40 on it even if it’s in excellent condition. It is a used item, after all, and it probably spent some time on someone’s body or in someone’s closet.

How Does It Fit?

Now, let’s have a look at the blouse itself. Clara Oswald only wore the Jigsaw blouse on screen for a minute, but it’s still a cute outfit, so I can definitely understand that many cosplayers are after it. It’s also very suitable outside of cosplay, so it’s a versatile item to have in your wardrobe. I’d say the blouse runs true to size, but due to the generous fit, there is some leeway in that. I’m quite confident that you can go a size up or down without it looking all that bad on you. It has a loose fit and depending on how loose or tight you want it, I’d recommend sticking close to your original size.

Clara Oswald’s Jigsaw Bib & Tap Blouse: Materials

As the Jigsaw Bib & Tap Polka Dot Blouse is made of 100% silk, it is very delicate and easily damaged. Mine does show some wear where the dots are slightly faded. That is something that can quite easily happen with silk, but if you take good care of it, I’m sure you’ll be very happy with the item for a long time. The blouse is hand-wash only and you should only use cold water so as not to damage the fabric, but since it’s very light, that is quickly done and a few hours on a hanger will usually dry the blouse for you. However delicate silk fabric it, it’s also super light and comfortable to wear.

I think the Jigsaw Blouse with its polka dots is a very “Clara” item that suits her and I’m very happy to finally own it. Sadly, the accompanying trousers are very, very rare, but you can probably get by with most navy shorts for a cosplay photo. Now, I’m just waiting for the current heatwave to pass so I can take new photos with it 

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