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Stylist Magazine: Cath Kidston Twisted Knit Cardigan

Stylist Magazine: Cath Kidston Twisted Knit Cardigan jenna coleman

Item: Cath Kidston Twisted Knit Cardigan

Worn at: Stylist Magazine Photoshoot

Combined with: Urban Outfitters Cooperative Jersey Jacquard Turtleneck Dress, Russell & Bromley Collisee Ankle Strap Block Heels, Lacoste Live Up Boston Bag

Original Retail Price: £75

Materials: 80% wool, 20% nylon

I have an undying love for Jenna’s entire Stylist Magazine wardrobe, so I’m always on the lookout for basically everything she wore during the photoshoot. I always thought the clothes they chose looked very cute and unique and apart from a few items, I basically want them all (even though I’m not that crazy about the leopard shoes).

Rarity and Pricing

These items, including the cardigan, have been on my list since I started cosplaying Clara two and a half years ago and this is only the second Cath Kidston cardigan I’ve ever come across. The first was a private sale. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find because I’ve talked to other cosplayers who have seen the cardigan a few times, but it usually costs a little more than they were willing to spend. I got mine on eBay for roughly £30 including shipping which honestly isn’t bad for a £75 cardigan that shows no sign of wear. I was also lucky to find a seller who was willing to change the listing and add a “buy now” option for me because I’m pretty sure the price would have gone up a little if I hadn’t been able to buy it directly. So once again, thank you, lovely seller!

I haven’t seen the cardigan anywhere else yet, not even on my magical Vinted website because Cath Kidston as a brand isn’t very common in Germany. You might get luckier in a different country, but if you’re looking for this specific item, I would recommend eBay. I can’t really say much about the average price on this one because I’ve only ever seen the one on eBay, but due to the high original retail price, I’d say it’s unlikely you’re going to see this one under £20.

Materials and Care

The cardigan itself looks super cute. I’m a big fan of cardigans in general because I love layered looks and I would prefer a shirt and cardigan over a jumper most of the time, so it was almost natural for me to go after this one. It’s very warm and cosy and I can’t wait to find out what it looks like paired with a white shirt and some blue mum jeans. It is made from 80% wool and 20% nylon which means hand wash only and dry lying flat – and it takes a loooooong time to dry due to being rather thick, so my grandma already hates it 😀 Fun story: my flat is rather small, so I have to dry my ‘lying flat’ things on my grandma’s dining room table. Understandably, she doesn’t like that. I really like the old-fashioned knit look of the cardigan and the salmon-pink colour which you can see in the close-up photo I’ll add to this post.


As for the sizing, the cardigan runs true to size to a little bit big. When I first got it, it looked huge and I thought it would look like a potato sack on me, but the shape of it is kind of misleading. I got a size XS and the sleeves are definitely true to size. To try it on, I put it over my light jumper and it was a bit tight with two pairs of sleeves, but not comfortably so. The rest of the cardigan has a nice loose fit. Because of the sleeves and if you plan to wear it on top of a jumper, I would recommend sticking to your normal size – which I did and it fits perfectly. If you don’t intend to wear a thicker jumper underneath it, you can go down a size and you’ll be fine. I wouldn’t size down too much even though the material is stretchy because pictures of this cardigan can be misleading and it’s not as huge as it might look in photos.

Overall, you’re getting a lovely winter cardigan and I’m really happy I managed to get it in December because I can now wear it during the winter months. I’m certain you won’t regret this specific purchase of a Jenna item.

Update 2022: I have since sold this cardigan as well as the dress. I still think it’s an absolutely gorgeous item, but my style has changed over the years and it was only taking up space in my wardrobe. That is why I decided another cosplayer might appreciate it more.

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