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Stylist Magazine: Urban Outfitters Cooperative Jersey Jacquard Dress

Item: Urban Outfitters Cooperative Jersey Jacquard Dress

Worn at: Stylist Magazine Photoshoot

Combined with: Cath Kidston Twisted Knit Cardigan, Russell & Bromley Collisee Ankle Strap Block Heels, Lacoste Live Up Boston Bag

Original Retail Price: Unknown

Materials: 75% polyester, 20% cotton, 5% elastane

The latest addition to my Jenna Coleman collection is a dress I’ve been searching for during the past couple of months ever since I received the cardigan from the same photoshoot. I was lucky to find one sold by another cosplayer for a good price and it landed in my mailbox four short days later and now I’m the proud owner of this gorgeous outfit!

Versions and Sizing

I should note right at the beginning that my dress is basically an alt. There are two versions of this dress with the only difference being the collar. The one Jenna wore during the Stylist Magazine photoshoot has a turtleneck, but since I hate that sort of thing with a passion, I’m very, very happy to have received the collar-less alt instead and now I’m much more likely to actually wear this dress for other purposes apart from cosplay. Somehow, the version without the collar also seems a lot more common because I’ve seen a few of them around, but only one with the actual turtleneck. In my honest opinion, it doesn’t really matter which one you get because the rest of the dress is the exact same and the collar-less version is equally gorgeous.

For the sizing of the dress, I would recommend sticking to your regular one because it fits true to size. I’m usually a size XS/S in dresses (apart from extremely ill-fitted specimens which I will not name because we all know which ones and yes, I’m looking at you, Topshop Pipe Tile Dress and RoA Dress!!!). I bought this dress in a size XS and it fits me nicely, but it’s figure-hugging and I’m assuming it’s supposed to be. The fabric is stretchy, but if figure-hugging is not your thing you should buy the size accordingly.

Pricing and Availability

I bought my Urban Outfitters Cooperative Jersey Jacquard Dress for £10 and I’ve seen them sell for similar prices on Vinted and Depop. I couldn’t find anything about the original retail price because, even though the listing is still visible on the Urban Outfitters website, it only says “sold out”, but I’d say anything between £10 and £15 is a decent price to pay for a second-hand dress of that quality, depending on how much it has been worn. You might even get lucky and find it cheaper on Depop if you look for a while. As for rarity, I’m not sure where to place it on the scale. Before I got the Cath Kidston Cardigan, I used to see it quite often but never went for it because I didn’t think I’d get the cardigan to go with it. After getting the cardigan, I couldn’t spot the dress anywhere. I suppose it comes and goes, but you’ll be able to find one with a bit of patience.

Materials and Care

The dress is made of 75% polyester, 20% cotton and 5% elastane, making it quite stretchy and robust. It has the feeling and weight you’d expect of a jacquard dress, so there are no nasty surprises there. I already machine-washed and tumble-dried it and the dress survived both, so it’s a practical item that can go into your regular wash without a problem.

Overall, the dress is something I would have loved to wear on a daily basis a couple of years ago when I was really into vintage-looking dresses. Now, it’s not really my everyday kind of style anymore, but I still love the look and it will certainly come in handy during the next 60s theme party. I love all of Jenna Coleman’s outfits from the Stylist Magazine photoshoot and I can’t even pick a favourite – this outfit is just one of her many lovely ones that I can’t wait to recreate as soon as I get my hair cut again. The dress looks gorgeous with the cardigan, but I assume it’ll look equally amazing with a white blouse underneath. It’s a cute vintage-style item that can work for your Jenna collection as well as for parties and everyday wear.

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