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Glastonbury Festival: Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Red Fringed Cardigan

Glastonbury Festival: Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Red Fringed Cardigan jenna coleman

Item: Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Red Fringed Cardigan

Worn at: Glastonbury Festival

Original Retail Price: Unknown

Materials: 55% acrylic, 30% nylon, 15% mohair

Once again, this cardigan was one of my more accidental discoveries, but it’s a purchase I don’t regret in the slightest. I am a huge fan of cardigans and always wear one around my home, so when I saw this one, I really had to have it.

I would put this item a little further up on the rarity scale because I haven’t actually seen so many around and I know only a few cosplayers who own it (this might be because not everyone is looking for it). Ralph Lauren is a bit more expensive and I managed to get mine for £12 – but it’s absolutely worth the money.

Materials and Care

The cardigan is extremely soft and warm and cosy and because it’s very long, it can be sort of draped around your body to keep you warm. It’s such a comfortable clothing item that I never really wanna take off and it quickly became my favourite cardigan. I machine wash mine and so far, it has survived the procedure, but I haven’t tumble-dried it. The fabric is 55% acrylic, 30% nylon and 15% mohair.

Cardigan Sizing

I wouldn’t worry about the size when buying this one cause it’s really not a figure-hugging cardigan and it doesn’t actually need to close. My cardigan is a size M, but it would fit a size L just as well, I assume. I’m a size S and it fits me perfectly. The fabric is stretchy as well, so there is room to size up or down.

If you collect Clara/Jenna items and see this one online, buy it. It’s one of the snuggliest cardigans you will ever own and very pretty. It goes well with jeans and t-shirt and is a casual item for around the home or trips to the supermarket.

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