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V Festival: UO Sparkle & Fade Cut-Out Front Playsuit

jenna coleman urban outfitters sparkle fade playsuit

Item: Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Cut-Out Front Playsuit

Combined with: Un-IDed belt

Worn at: V Festival

Original Retail Price: Unknown

Materials: 100% viscose, lining: 100% polyester

I was after this particular playsuit for quite a long time before it finally ended up being part of my wardrobe. Luckily for me, my best friend from the UK was once again able to help me with it and saved me the shipping costs by bringing it over during her visit. It’s quite the popular Jenna item even among those who normally only collect Clara items because it’s a cute playsuit that is affordable and pops up more often than other items.

Playsuit Pricing

I live in Germany which comes with a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Some items tend to be easier to find over here and cheaper than in the UK, others are almost impossible to find in my country. This playsuit is sort of a mix. It does pop up on my favourite German websites, but whenever I saw it, it was usually over £25 and that was a bit more than I was willing to spend. I’m not entirely sure what the original retail price on this playsuit was, but I’m sure it would be something above the £30 mark judging from the prices I’ve seen on German second-hand websites. On Depop, however, the playsuit is a lot cheaper and can sell for as little as £5. Mine was £6 and I think this is a really good price, but I would’ve paid up to £10 for it. How much exactly you want to spend is entirely up to you, but by waiting for a while longer, you can probably get a very good deal somewhere on Depop.

jenna coleman urban outfitters sparkle fade playsuit

Rarity and Sizing

The UO Sparkle & Fade playsuit is not a rare item, but it doesn’t exactly pop up on a daily basis either. It really depends on when you’re trying to search for it because sometimes I don’t see one for months and then, several of them pop up in different sizes. If you’re trying to buy this item, you might need a bit of patience – or you might get lucky immediately and get to choose from a broader selection.

If you’re familiar with Clara Oswald’s playsuits, you will have noticed that they fit quite true to size. This one, however, even though it’s from the exact same brand, is an exception because it fits small. I wear a size S in my Clara playsuits and they fit me perfectly, but several cosplayers had warned me that this one is quite small, so I chose to buy a size M which was definitely the right decision. The M fits with me well, but even here, the shoulder bits are a little tight and I found it difficult to zip it up at first because I was afraid of ripping the shoulder seams by stretching. Luckily, the fabric is rather durable and doesn’t rip even if you stretch it a little. Apart from the shoulders which are a bit snug, the M fits me perfectly. When you buy this playsuit, remember to go up a size.

jenna coleman urban outfitters sparkle fade playsuit

Playsuit Design

I wasn’t initially fond of the cut-out part in the front because I never saw the appeal for those unless you wanted to get strange tan lines and when I first wore the playsuit, I was sort of afraid they would slide up over my chest, but it didn’t happen. The way the playsuit is designed, there is nothing that can slip out of place. I’m still not entirely sure why the cut-out parts needed to be there, but I don’t really mind them as much anymore. Overall, the playsuit just looks great. It has a vintage vibe to it and the cute, floral pattern is simply adorable. Sadly, I only received it in late August, so I will have to wait for next summer to show it off, but this one will definitely be a new summer favourite for me.

Playsuit Materials

The material of the shell is 100% viscose and the lining is made up 100% polyester. The label says to wash it separately and my friend tried to hand-wash it and told me that it bleeds, but I’ve washed it in the washing machine with dark colours and nothing has happened. I think as long as you don’t throw it in with whites and pastels, you’ll be fine.

One advantage this playsuit has over the ones Clara Oswald wears on the show is the length. I’m a fan of her playsuits to wear around my home during the summer months, but since both of them are very short, I wouldn’t dream of going out in them. This playsuit, however, has the perfect length and looks more like a summer dress than a short suit. Overall, the playsuit is a lovely item to wear during the summer months and one of the most affordable and easy-to-find Jenna items out there. If you’re looking for a chance to dress like your favourite actress, this is it.

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